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JGITEC provides customers with the most advanced technical resources and production equipment. The professionally represented equipment includes 3D sensor with picking and inspection, vial adaptor/infusion set assembly and packaging and other medical equipment and wafer jar/canister and other products. And giving professional technical support and after-sales service. Can do complete pre-sale planning and after-sale service for customers.

JGITEC agent 3D vision solution

3D Vision

JGITEC has a machine vision solution that can quickly identify the position and

posture of randomly distributed objects in three-dimensional space through the 3D structure, and can accurately guide the six-axis robot to pick and place. Since the part does not need to be arranged and it can effectively improve the production efficiency.


JGITEC provided automation machine for drugs and medical equipment company.

Medical Equipment

JGITEC agent products include vial adaptor and infusion set assembly and packaging, and other medical equipment. In order to comply with standards and respond to the trend of smart manufacturing, JGITEC is committed to ensuring the safety, accuracy and legality of the entire production process. It also can help reduce manual work, shorten manufacturing cycle time and increase output, improve product quality and reduce costs


JGITEC agent multi horizontal wafer canister and jar.


JGITEC agent products include multi horizontal wafer canister and jar, multi vertical wafer shipper, single horizontal wafer shipper, hoop rings, mask package, etc.; wafer shipper products include 6-inch wafers canister, 8-inch wafer canister and 12-inch wafer canister are mainly used for wafer ship to package testing company.

Multi Horizontal Wafer

Secure 4 latches system and inner side impact resistant space ...

Multi Horizontal Wafer Jar

Interfaces with industry robotic handling equipment...

Multi Vertical Wafer

Maximum Packing Density. Lowest Cost Wafer Handling...

Single Horizontal Wafer

The switch direction logo design on upper cover to facilitate users to...

Flex frame and Flex frame

Mirror-surface treated to ensure blue film is attached without bubbles...

Foam Disc and Foam Liner

The foam meets the EU RoHS/REACH directive and the world ...





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